The best game based on GPS in my opinion is Pokemon go. It is now 3 years old but it is still entertaining. Catching Pokemon in the real world. But it is still developing and getting updates. It even has had compatibility updates with Pokemon lets go Pikachu/Eevee so you  can transfer over Pokemon.






Also three months after it came out it has had a device called the Pokemon go plus to catch Pokemon while you are  not using your phone. Also recently they had came out with another version of it to become compatible with Pokemon go. Its called the Pokeball plus it essentially does the same thing but it is compatible with lets go Eevee/Pikachu. It looks like a round multi-colored ball (for people who don’t play Pokemon). both of them costs 60$.








So far they had added 4 generations of Pokemon into the game. The first one was the kanto region, the second one was the johto region, the Hoenn region and the Sinnoh region. So far the game has not had alot of bugs. Question: Would you download this app?